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20 Times Mother Nature Astounded Us With Picture Perfect Camouflage

The human eye can see about a million colors, researchers say. Most animals see less or see differently. This could be one of the reasons why it’s easy for us to see camouflaged animals if we know what to look for. But even then, a tiny crab spider on a similarly-hued flower can give us a scare.

We at Bright Side were intrigued by nature’s most baffling camouflage artists and collated the coolest ones for you to test your eyesight and general knowledge.

1. This is how baby cuttlefish hide.

2. Small and camouflaged, but one lethal predator

3. Floundering to find the fish

4. If it looks like a tree, it might be a bird.

5. Spot the octopus in the center.

6. Careful, don’t step on the night jar.

7. The Arctic Hare is near invisible to predators.

8. Just a sandy crab doing his business

9. You can’t see them, but you can definitely hear them.

10. Just a branch on a tree

11. Waiting for a tasty treat

12. We promise there’s a moth in the picture.

13. Nothing to see on this tree...

14. A rolling toad gathers some moss.

15. Spot the creature in the stones.

16. This tree has some bark and a song.

17. Changing colors is what it does.

18. Nature’s perfect camouflage gives this predator an edge.

19. When you’re cute and small, camouflage is key.

20. A tree is a perfect hideout for an ambush predator.

Have you ever seen a master camouflage artist like these at work? Did any of these sneaky creatures take you by surprise? Share your nature stories with us.

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