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20+ Times Reddit Users Exclaimed “What’s Wrong With My Dog”

Some animals have grace and elegance. Well, for better or for worse, dogs are not known for this at all. Moreover, sometimes our 4-legged canine companions start acting so wacky in the most hilarious ways, that the best way to handle it is to take a camera and capture it. Just like these Reddit users, who caught their pups at the right moments of pure derpiness.

Here at Bright Side we adore dogs with all our hearts, even when they’re this goofy.

1. Doug has more leg than he knows what to do with...

2. “Meet Loki. He likes to watch hoomans.”

3. Finally caught it!

4. “Maddie trapped herself in the basement and was too polite to bark. This is how I found out.”

5. “Enjoy this slideshow of Dexter, who doesn’t understand his legs.”

6. Dog assembly instructions were unclear.

7. “She has a weird obsession with rocks. This is her collection.”

8. “When you tell the one with no concept of personal space to sit.”

9. Draw me like one of your French girls.

10. “After 3 hours at the dog park.”

11. “Apparently this is more comfortable than the bed I bought him.”

12. “My dog likes to let her back paws rest like this.”

13. Shiba.exe has stopped working.

14. Well, my dog apparently does pushups, but skips leg day.

15. My dog, Benji, is unsure about how to pose for photos.

16. Meet my ostrich.

17. “This is how he responds to his name ...”

18. “The hoarder’s stash of toys under my bed.”

19. “This happens every time we make apple pie.”

20. “Karen, I need you to warm my kibble up before you put it in my bowl!”

21. How the walk started vs How it’s going

22. “Sometimes he just puts himself in timeout for no reason.”

23. Sleeping beauty

When was the moment you realized your pet is a little goof? We’d be happy to see pictures and comments from you in the section below!

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