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23 Pets Who Totally Forgot What Good Manners Look Like

We’re taught about the proper way to behave in the company of others and to always say “please” and “thank you.” However, when pet owners welcome new members to their families, they don’t realize that these cheeky creatures don’t just need to be trained to sit and give us their paws. Fortunately, for us, they were able to capture the moment when their pets weren’t good boys or girls.

Bright Side has found pics of some 4-legged friends who like showing off their rebel attitude.

1. “No sense in having personal space.”

2. “Every bite you take, every lunch you make, every time you bake, every piece of steak... I’ll be watching you.”

3. “Thought the house was being broken into but it was just the tortoise wreaking havoc.”

4. “Excuse me, could you help me find who ate this yogurt?”

5. “To the cheese store, Jeeves, and make it snappy.”

6. “I’ll bury myself in the cat litter.”

7. “Are we there yet?”

8. This is what happens when you don’t ask for permission.

9. “My Dachshund knows what’s comfortable.”

10. Just checking to see if it’s hot.

11. Found a comfy pillow... Oh, wait!

12. “Just your average walk...”

13. Comfort over demeanor

14. “Google made a panorama of my cat stealing my husband’s pants out of his closet.”

15. “Our mint plant has died cause Puppushka uses it as an after dinner breath freshener.”

16. That one friend who never takes lunch to school!

17. While mom sleeps away, the cat comes out to play.

18. Me!? I’m not hiding anything!

19. Mhm, I wonder what the fabric of the brand new footstool tastes like...

20. Can you call a tow truck? There’s something weighing me down!

21. “My cat would not let me see my cookbook to make dinner!”

22. When you get yelled at by your parents for misbehaving:

23. No table manners

How do your pets behave? Share their pics and stories in the comments so they can become the leaders of this pet revolution!

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