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A Dog Picks Only Fluffy Dogs at Day Care to Take a Nap on Them

Edna is a super friendly dog, who enjoys her time at day care. She loves the fact that she is around her fluffy besties. She can play with them and, what’s even more important to her, she can take a nap on them.

Amazed by this cutie, Bright Side decided to show you a bit more about her and this special thing she loves.

She loves to be around other dogs.

Since she was just a little puppy, Edna has been going to a doggie day care, where she can be around other dogs. When she gets to day care, she first likes to play with the other dogs for around 4 or 5 hours.

Then, after playing really hard, Edna knows it’s time for something she loves to do: napping. This is the moment when Edna finds the fluffiest dogs at day care to make her nap more comfortable. And they seem to enjoy it too.

She makes friends of all breeds and sizes.

Even the smaller dogs are an option.

When Edna was younger and smaller, this habit was much easier and even tails were a good option for a relaxing time.

Her owner sometimes has to “peel her off of another dog.”

The dog’s owner, Brianna, confessed that when she goes to pick Edna up from day care, she sometimes finds her asleep and has to “peel her off of another dog” to take her home.

Do you also have a puppy as adorable as Edna, who just loves to befriend other dogs? Share their pictures with us!

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