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Meet Zuu, a Cat Whose Fed Up Face Is So Relatable It Hurts (20 Pics)

Sometimes it feels like cats never get tired of anything since they do everything possible to distract you from your work, or even your sleep. But this cat can tell you a different story. So, let's meet Zuu, a lovably grumpy cat who's so disappointed with life, that it’s nearly impossible to not cuddle him.

We at Bright Side have picked some of Zuu's top photos to give our readers a great dose of cuteness, so let's take a look!

1. “It’s time to rest.”

2. “I’m watching you!”

3. “I’m not pleased with Mom getting up early these days...”

4. “What else have you done today?”

5. “When I want a human’s attention, I just have to tilt my head and stare. Easy!”

6. “What are you up to, huh?”

7. “It’s time for me to go to bed. Bye, humans!”

8. “Leave us alone, please!”

9. “I shine like a diamond, I know.”

10. “I’m gonna fly with this broomstick!”

11. “Queens need rest too!”

12. “I just don’t want to have another tone.”

13. “I see something’s happened. Come, talk to me.”

14. “I have a short tongue.”

15. “Looking forward to a bright future!”

16. “Come on, let’s do a handshake!”

17. “I’ll be watching the fridge!”

18. “Cloudy days make me sleepy.”

19. “Just having a nice morning walk...”

20. “High five!”

What was your first thought when you looked at Zuu? Which of his looks impressed you the most?