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What a Sleeping Position Can Say About Your Dog

Most dog owners know about their pets’ habits and easily understand when their dog is happy, worried, surprised, or scared. But what do dogs’ sleeping positions mean? Like people, dogs also have their preferences and they can tell us a lot.

We at Bright Side will reveal some secrets you may not know about your pet’s behavior by analyzing its favorite sleeping position. All you have to do is watch your pet, which shouldn’t be that hard for a pet owner!

The snowball

The snowball position is one of the most popular positions among dogs. This position allows the animal to get up on its feet quickly in case of danger. Most of the time, dogs don’t get very deep sleep in this position and they only nap. This is a guarding position.

The pancake

In this position, dogs sleep and rest really well, and even if the day wasn’t very tiring, many animals love sleeping this way. Also, if a dog sleeps on their side, it means that it feels completely safe because they don’t feel the need to cover its vital organs. When dogs feel comfortable and trust the people near them, they can allow themselves to sleep in this position. Such dogs have a very strong connection to their owners and families.

The superman

Many puppies sleep in this position but some breeds continue sleeping like this even as adults. Puppies sleep like this because they are energetic and they can easily get up on their feet in case of danger. If you notice that your adult dog sleeps like this often, it means that it’s full of energy and is always ready to play.

Curled up in a ball

In this position, dogs try to protect their paws, throat, and vital organs. Or, as vets say, they try to keep themselves warm. It’s possible that something may be worrying your pet if it sleeps like this — for example, a noise somewhere nearby, but some dogs just really enjoy sleeping like this.

On its back

This is the most relaxed sleeping position among dogs: the belly and the throat stay unprotected, and these are the most vulnerable parts of the body. If a pet sleeps on its back, it means that it fully trusts you and feels comfortable with you. But it may also mean that the dog is hot or it got really tired during the day. If your dog chooses this position often, it means that it feels confident and adapts to different conditions easily.

Dead cockroach

This is a variation of the position on the back. Stretched out paws look really funny! This position means that your dog feels completely happy and safe. Also, animals that sleep like this are usually independent and calm.

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How does your dog sleep? Why do you think it is your pet’s favorite position? Tell us in the comments section below!

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