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What Happens When Different Breeds Fall in Love (20+ Pics)

Every dog breed has unique features we adore them for, and their crossbreeds create amazing doggos that take the best from both of their parents. Just think of a Dachshund with the face of an English Bulldog, a Corgi with the speckled fur of an Australian Shepherd, or a tiny Pug that looks just like a Husky.

Stay with us here at Bright Side and we’ll show you the paw-some mutts you’ve just tried to imagine along with many more beautifully mixed doggos.

1. This cute Pug and Husky crossbreed looks like a Pug in a Halloween costume.

2. This Doberman and Corgi mix is gorgeous!

3. Half German Shepherd, half Husky, and completely adorable!

4. When an English Bulldog falls in love with a Dachshund:

5. This Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd mix has mesmerizing speckles on its fur.

6. Heterochromia makes this German Shepherd and Husky crossbreed look even more unique.

7. “An Australian Shepherd and Corgi mix with the best puppy dog eyes!”

8. This Golden Retriever and Dachshund mix is happy to see you all.

9. This fluffy cutie has inherited the best features of both of her parents — a Corgi and an Australian Shepherd.

10. In case you were wondering what a puppy from a Newfoundland and a Border Collie would look like...

11. Meet Juno, a Shepherd/Husky mix rescue with an adorable heart marking on her face.

12. Those eyes though! One of the parents of this beautiful mutt is surely a Husky.

13. “Our rescue girl! We were told she is a Corgi and Pug mix.”

14. “My brother’s mix is half golden retriever, a quarter husky, and a quarter boxer. In other words, one of a kind!”

15. Who knew a Boxer and Shar-Pei mix could look that charismatic!

16. Gorgeous Husky and Shepherd crossbreed sisters

17. “A puppy that came into my store — a Husky/Pomeranian mix”

18. This Alaskan Malamute/Weimaraner mix looks completely adorable!

19. “Clyde, a Corgi/Pitbull mix, just before I threw a new tennis ball”

20. This German Shepherd and Corgi mix looks right into your soul with her differently colored eyes.

21. Another absolutely paw-some pup whose parents are a German Shepherd and a Corgi

22. 50% Dalmatian, 50% Pitbull, and 100% charm

Which of these crossbreeds looked the most unusual to you? Have you ever owned or met a dog of mixed breeds? If you have a picture, we’d be happy to find it in the comments below!

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