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10+ People That Turned Boring Homes Into Masterpieces With Their Own Hands

A home is a place you want to come back to. It feels so nice to get into a comfortable bed after a difficult working day and feel safe there. But sometimes, you just want to leave your house to feel a little bit of freedom. This happens when your home’s interior design isn’t very cozy and needs to be changed.

We at Bright Side were fascinated by how swiftly online users transformed their houses and apartments and we want to share some inspiration with you. But be careful — you might want to start fixing everything around your homes too. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus that features a little detail that can improve any interior design.

“’Never paint a room black,’ they said. And here’s the result.”

“My living room in my house in Japan’s smallest village! I feel so lucky to be here!”

“I like to think that my room makes the cut for cozy places.”

“I made my unfinished basement storage room into an office!”

“Yes, my living room is perfect.”

“Boredom has me acting like a real interior designer.”

“My wife built this. I just carried everything. I love her!”

“My cozy room is kitty approved!”

“My partner passed away a year ago and I finally rearranged our living room and put some of his stuff away and it’s feeling pretty cozy and bright.”

“My apartment is teeny tiny but it gets the job done and it’s the first space I’ve had that’s ever been mine and mine alone.”

“Finally, after 6 years of living in a dorm room, I have a cozy bedroom!”

“Our sunroom in theatre mode.”

“Our tiny balcony”

Bonus: Any room can become much cozier if you have a cat in it!

Have you ever designed a room all by yourself? Show us the results in the comment section below!

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