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11 Pastimes From Our Childhood That Look Crazy for Today’s Kids

When we were children, we used to do things that would seem really unusual to the children of today. We didn’t have smartphones, cable TV, computers, or unlimited internet access. We used to leave home early in the morning and come back late at night. We entertained ourselves in any way possible, depending on the power of our imagination.

We at Bright Side got a little nostalgic and remembered the weird ways we’d entertain ourselves in our childhood. Some of them may be really confusing for today’s kids.

1. We’d bury “treasures” in the ground. We used flowers, candy wrappers, and other small things.

  • We would dig a small hole in the ground and put wrappers or flowers and cover them with glass from broken bottles. I don’t know why, but it was fun. © SunnyDay7 / Pikabu
  • My friend brought a couple of gold earrings, big ones with green pebbles. We were scared, but she said they were from her great-grandmother and it was okay. © olikokoko / Pikabu
  • And if your “treasure” location was given away to someone else, it was a terrible betrayal. It was frowned upon. This was a way to find out how loyal your friends were. © Mariya31 / Pikabu

2. This kind of entertainment is still extremely confusing.

3. We dialed random phone numbers.

  • My friend and I called older boys. We just called and said nothing. © alinach / Pikabu
  • We found phone books and found the famous last names of the time. For example, Jackson or Spears. And when someone picked up the phone, we’d ask to talk to Michael and turn on their music in the background. © nightheri / Pikabu

4. We sucked on cups so hard that the capillaries around our mouth burst.

  • Sucking on a cup or a glass and then trying to remove it from the face is really dumb. © mutila / Pikabu
  • Once, when I was in school, I did the same thing, and then I had this purplish circle around my mouth for a week. © IPshn1k / Pikabu
  • I did this with a cup when I was playing video games. That’s how I found out how hickeys appear. © JackButler / Pikabu

5. After arguments with our parents, we dreamed about packing our stuff and leaving.

  • I tried to leave home at the age of 4. I packed my grandfather’s suitcase because “the world was cruel and nobody understood me.” © akagenonogitsune / Pikabu
  • When you get yelled at by your mom and you lie on your bed crying and imagining leaving home and living on your own. © Meztizragore / Forfun

6. In school, we made planes using rulers and pens.

  • The best plane of my childhood. All boys did this during very boring school lessons. © xaz1k / Pikabu

7. We drew on erasers (especially on elephants) or we pierced them.

  • I really liked it when the pencil would go into the eraser, like a knife into butter. Sometimes I would stick 3 or 4 pencils into one eraser. © MarS Startseva / Zen.Yandex
  • And how about trying to break the red-blue eraser right at the spot where the colors connected? © antyman74 / Twitter

8. We drew braid patterns in our notebooks.

9. It was really fun to run your finger along the grooves in walls.

10. Even when eating, we could find a way to make things fun for ourselves. For example, this:

11. We made nails using flower petals and Wite-Out was our nail polish.

Do you remember any weird things you did for fun in your childhood? Tell us about them in the comment section below!