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14 Carefree People Who Are Calmer Than Buddhist Monks

You probably know people who always stay calm no matter what happens to them. And we are really jealous of their ability to not freak out: they’re so stable and they don’t care about what others think. They can easily replace a hairpin with a pen, stay with someone else’s child, or sleep with 6 cans on their head.

Bright Side wants our readers to learn how to be calm in any situation. Especially if these awkward moments make you laugh after some time.

6 cans on my friend’s head

When you don’t really care about the details:

When your hairpin is broken and you had to replace it with something:

“Just growing some beans in my sink...”

When you are trying to be really clear about money in the beginning of the relationship:

“Spotted some true love on the beach today...”

She has to be a tough lady to survive this.

A man about to destroy a pool

“One of my blinds broke in my bedroom so I just went to CVS.”

Mowing the grass in the snow

Saw this guy in class today and yes that is cheese.

Judging by his smile, there is nothing in the world that worries him.

“I thought this lady was reading a spray bottle’s label for a really long time on my bus this morning... Then I realized it was her phone.”

Improvise. Adapt. Be better.

Are you the kind of person who can stay calm no matter what or do you freak out instantly? Tell us in the comment section below.

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