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14 Smart People Who Revealed How Marketers Have Been Outwitting Us for Years

If you think carefully about what attracts us on store shelves, you will find that many of these things are unnecessary, overpriced, poor quality, etc. This is due to cunning marketing tricks and our inability to resist them. However, there are still savvy people who can bring anything to light. This article was created thanks to their efforts.

At Bright Side, we can’t deny that marketing tricks are not that honest sometimes but if people buy these products happily and see no catch, you can’t call them victims. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to open their eyes to the truth.

  • At electronic stores, they turn down brightness and contrast on cheaper TVs and turn up brightness, color, and contrast on pricier TVs. Somehow, for 2 TVs of the same size, playing the same source, the expensive one’s pixels look amazing. © Funkula / Reddit
  • Okay, I can understand soy milk (although soybeans were used as fertilizer for the soil before), but oat milk... It’s more expensive than cow milk, even though it’s the cheapest grain possible. © Ice.9 / Pikabu
  • You say Apple has great marketing. Those who advertise long johns have even cooler marketing! In just a couple of years, ordinary long johns have become thermal underwear. Brad Pitt wouldn’t wear long johns, but he would wear thermal underwear with pleasure. © di_lirium / Twitter
  • I love coffee. I began to notice that they add sublimated coffee to ground coffee, and try to sell it as something with exquisite taste and aroma. But I think that it’s just a marketing trick, because this coffee is cheaper, and there is less aroma in it. It’s just an attempt to sell it at a higher price. © Lobotomist / Pikabu
  • Some smartphone manufacturers give their phones 10-core processors and 8-core processors and make consumers attracted to their phones. Whereas there are phones with 2-core processors or 4-core processors, and they work faster. © Jeet Pipalia / Quora
  • I’m convinced that certain fast food restaurants design their grill ventilation to maximize the area in which people can smell the food cooking. Sometimes I’m not even hungry until I smell it. © downwarddawg / Reddit
  • This graph below shows up on almost every product I checked on Black Friday deal. They racked up the price in September in preparation for fake discounts this November. © Scarrazaar / Reddit
  • Do you know the light some companies advertise with their teeth whitening gel? I went to a continuing education course for us dental hygienists. The instructor asked, “What does the light do?” We all answered, “Nothing.” The instructor replied, “Wrong. It makes the patient happy.” © AlasEarwax8 / Reddit
  • Many websites, especially the ones with skin care products, have a lot of fake positive reviews from different countries. © Vera /
  • Marketers have earned a lot of money on healthy lifestyle products. For example, unrefined cooking oil, which is cheaper and easier to produce, is significantly more expensive because it’s “healthier.” And in the past, it was the other way around: poorer families bought unrefined oil. © Ice.9 / Pikabu
  • A friend of mine literally spent like 5 times more on The Witcher books just to have the old edition with the cool artwork and without this stupid ad. They literally made an ad so bad, people spent more money on their products! © xevizero / Reddit
  • I’m walking along the store shelves, and there is ordinary white sugar and brown cane sugar, which costs 1.5 times more. Supposedly it’s more healthy. But the thing is that I work at a sugar factory, and they bring cane sugar to us for processing it into white sugar. © Lss85 / Pikabu
  • I bought a bread maker and decided to bake real rye bread for my family. I made it from rye flour — the result was a dull brick. I read a lot of recipes and began to add wheat flour. Eventually, I realized that the taste and aroma of rye bread is due to malt and citric acid, and the most delicious loaf turned out to be the one in which there was no rye flour at all. © Rinamy / Pikabu
  • Consumer products like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions are commonly sold in large bottles. Consumers buy one of them and use them for months together. This is done to book a higher average revenue per consumer at the time of purchase and to discourage them from shifting to another brand for a few months. © Prashanth Krishnaswami / Quora

Maybe you too have noticed some other marketing tricks? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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