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15 Confusing Pics That Prove Perspective Is Everything

A photo can go from ordinary to absolutely baffling with a simple shift in perspective. It’s as simple as a spider web that camouflages itself as a floating CD when light hits it. So be on the lookout, reality plays tricks on us all the time. The fun part of it all is capturing some of these gems and sharing them with the world for a collective mind challenge.

Bright Side invites you to take a break from your routine by checking out a few truly puzzling pics.

1. “Twice the fun with none of the mess.”

2. “A hole on a door at my work looks like something out of a movie.”

3. “The feet on this bench at my gym look a lot like an impaled iPhone.”

4. “The way the mud froze on my truck looks like a painting of a forest.”

5. “Baby brother had one long arm in 1999.”

6. The more you look, the more it seems to be bending.

7. “The shadow makes it look like she still is a little kitten.”

8. “My cat’s tongue here gives him luscious lips.”

9. “My cousin is so laid back, he could be in The Matrix.”

10. “That’s not my brother’s hair.”

11. “The way the light hits this spider web makes it look like a CD.”

12. “The reflection of the fireplace makes it look like this car is on fire.”

13. “My dog chases balls so much, he decided to become one.”

14. Most of the fruit here is just mirrored.

15. There’s no hole there, just a mirror.

Have you ever taken any photos that could fit in this compilation? It’s time for you to give us a challenge!

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit bakedae / Reddit
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