15+ Eye-Opening Photos That Showed Us a Hidden Side of Things

Even the most ordinary objects can surprise you with their little secrets if you just take a closer look. A sweater, a plate, a table cloth, a golf ball, or a tomato, they can all show you an unexpected side if you study them a little more attentively. Those of us who were curious enough to unveil the secret life of everyday things have already shared the pictures of their discoveries, and they are truly surprising.

We at Bright Side came across 16 people on Reddit who zoomed into things, cut them in half, and pulled them inside out to see what they were hiding, and here’s what they found.

1. “My shirt looks brown, but if you look closely it’s actually made with red, blue, and yellow thread.”

2. “The inside of the fox pocket on my sweater is made up of lots of smaller foxes.”

3. What you see when you cut a golf ball in half.

4. “This medication has pills inside of a pill.”

5. The inside of this plant looks like it’s made of tiny bricks.

6. The pattern on the wings of this butterfly looks like the face from The Scream painting by Edvard Munch.

7. What the lips of a reindeer look like

8. “My piano from 1885 has a hidden pop-out candleholder.”

9. “The inside of this tree looks like a fish.”

10. “There’s an egg inside this egg.”

11. “The inside of a slap bracelet is made of recycled measuring tape.”

12. This plate looks pretty ordinary when it’s empty, but if you pour sauce in it, it shows a beautiful picture.

13. “The difference in my lens prescription as seen in the light”

14. “The inside of this tomato looks like a perfect strawberry.”

15. “The classic red checkered pattern of the tablecloth of this restaurant is made of QR codes for their menu.”

16. “The blossoms on my LEGO bonsai are small frogs.”

When was the last time you saw an unexpected side of an ordinary thing? Show us your photos of interesting objects in the comments!

Preview photo credit carlew/Reddit
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