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15 Families Whose Photo Albums Hold Priceless Treasures

Usually, when people go through their old family photos, all they find are childhood or vacation snaps. But for some, it means coming across a pic of their great-aunt with Elvis Presley at the peak of his career. From simple fan meetings to pre-fame personal hangouts, people online are proud to display the rarest gems from their photo albums that feature all sorts of stars.

Bright Side took a deep dive into what might be Reddit’s most nostalgic community, OldSchoolCool, and rounded up celebrity encounters of the past that give some family albums a spark of fabulous.

1. “My dad and Tom Hanks in high school in the ’70s, and then later in the ’90s”

2. “My aunt with Angus Young in the early ’80s. This was taken after she went out on stage with AC/DC.”

3. “Paul Rudd was my aunt’s waiter at Bennigan’s in 1990.”

4. “My grandma knew Burt Reynolds in the ’80s and ’90s. They both lived in Florida and she adored him.”

5. “Me as a kid and Muhammad Ali in the late ’70s”

6. “My brother’s friend has an ex-boyfriend who is lucky. Just a Polaroid of him hanging out with Tom Waits back in the day.”

7. “My dad in the ’90s when he worked for Iron Maiden as head of security.”

8. “My mother-in-law photobombing Dustin Hoffman after a play in Baltimore in October 1968”

9. “My cousin (left) befriended Robert De Niro in the ’70s. This is them together in my cousin’s house, circa 1981.”

10. “My neighbor hanging with Adam Sandler in 1985”

11. “My extremely southern aunt and her friends with Robin Williams in the ’80s in Nashville. He is not impressed.”

12. “Me and my twin bro hanging with my uncle (actor Lou Diamond Phillips) on the set of La Bamba. 1986”

13. “Elvis asked out my great aunt (on the right) but grandma didn’t let her go. Sometime in the late 1950s, early 1960s.”

14. “My dad (right), hanging with Clint Eastwood. Mid 1980s at Cannes Film Festival.”

15. “My grandma visited Bob Ross’s store. He came out the back and spent the next hour chatting with her in 1992.”

Bonus: “My mom’s ex-boyfriend looks like Dwight Schrute from The Office.”

Have you or your family ever hung out with a celebrity? Who would you most like to meet?

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