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15 Finds From the Past That Surprised Even Their Owners

The past should stay in the past, they say. However, sometimes the past unexpectedly overtakes you. For example, a perfume’s aroma can take you several generations back or an old soda machine may be left to you as an heirloom. Such findings from the past may amaze not just those who find them but everyone around as well.

We at Bright Side found 15 people who were astonished by their finds from the past and want our readers to be amazed too.

1. “Probably my most unique rattan find yet: a gossip bench”

2. “Late ’70s portable radio/TV/cassette player I found. Got it for aesthetics alone but it still works!”

3. “Cleaning out an old apartment and found a 1982 Coca-Cola screwdriver set.”

4. “I found this vintage flash storage card from my dad’s desk, crazy how much technology has advanced.”

5. “This was my great grandma’s perfume. We suspect it was her mother’s.”

6. “I found this amazing 2-gallon ’cobalt’ stoneware crock in my village’s old bottle dump.”

“It cleaned up really nice and looks great displayed next to my other stoneware crock finds.”

7. “Theo A. Kochs barber chair from a Korean barbershop trash”

8. “I found this Shrek chocolate-flavored toothpaste from 2004 in my medicine cabinet.”

9. “Found a box of old Christmas decorations. This appears to be 1990. It’s horrifying.”

10. “Found this 1930s Art Deco milk glass ace lamp at the thrift store.”

11. “Struck gold with a 1980s McDonald’s uniform cardigan for $3.99.”

12. “Scored this vintage 1977 Disneyland Weebles play set at the bins!”

13. “Found a vintage Bart Simpson plush backpack from 1997 at a local charity shop today, very happy.”

14. “This is a soda machine my dad left me when he passed. I think it’s from the ’40s or ’50s. This is going to be my family heirloom.”

15. “Found my old cell phone with an optional clip-on chat-board for ’easy’ texting.”

Which finds impressed you most? Have you ever found something unusual?

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