15+ Innocent Souls Who Unleashed All Their Inner Fury Only to Make Us Smile

Children and pets are perhaps the most defenseless beings on this planet. That’s why, when we see them upset or a bit annoyed at something, our hearts break a little. However, sometimes, the gestures they make to show their anger make them look funny and even cute. And that’s why some Reddit users, before going to help their children or pets, decided to take the camera and immortalize the moment. Now we can all laugh together.

Bright Side had a fun time compiling these images of children and animals that look as annoying as they are adorable.

1. “The pharmacist at the CVS drive-through didn’t pay attention to her or call her cute. She’s not used to that. 😂 She was genuinely upset.”

2. “He just sat there for a solid 2 minutes letting me do this. Now he’s upset that I stopped, and keeps whining for me to do it again.”

3. “She decided to put makeup on her koala and got upset when it stained.”

4. “Someone is upset because I have water and not tea.”

5. “My daughter couldn’t put her arm down for a half an hour after getting a cast removed... she’s a little upset because she loved that cast.”

6. “He is upset because he didn’t get salmon for dinner. 😄”

7. “My 8-year-old daughter got upset that I didn’t answer the phone and sent me this picture.”

8. “This is my dog’s ‘indignant sit.’ She does this anytime she’s even mildly upset about something.”

9. “He’s angry because he took off his sock and now he doesn’t have one off his socks on.”

10. “My son, 10 minutes after being the only boy at the pool party.”

11. “Somebody is upset that I won’t share my popcorn...”

12. “She’s upset that her new boyfriend went home.”

13. “He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, but he’s clearly upset.”

14. “He’s upset I didn’t let him eat the whole bag of treats.”

15. “My doggo is upset that her brothers have taken over her crate.”

16. “My upset niece”

17. “My sisters dog is upset that we did not take her on a 12th walk today.”

Has your child gotten angry for some reason and reacted in a funny way? Or maybe something similar happened to your pets? Tell us about your experiences in the comments and share a pic if you can!

Preview photo credit JClanton / Reddit
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