15+ Lazy People Doing Life Just Right

Attention, lazy people! We finally have something to tell our friends and families! According to research, being lazy is actually a sign of high intelligence. Do you believe that?

Bright Side has prepared a collection of extremely "smart" people. Do you still have any doubts about what this research suggests? Scroll down and enjoy!

1. A next generation queue

2. Do you want to know how lazy people eat watermelons while watching TV?

3. There is always someone who is lazier than you in the family.

4. So, has your energy level given out before opening the box?

5. "My girlfriend called me lazy for being on Imgur. So I did this for her birthday."

6. Don't bother. I'll have to replace it in a few days anyway.

7. "People call it laziness, I call it smartness."

8. Maybe it helps to keep warmth inside the car...

9. Is he a genius or what?

10. Do such lazy people really exist?

11. "I'm not sure if this guy is lazy or if there's just not enough space for him?"

12. Seriously?

13.When you're too lazy to clean the floor:

14. When laziness reaches a new low:

15. Forget everything you've ever heard about being lazy.

16. Necessity is the mother of invention.

17. If there's a demand, the markets will respond to it.

18. When you don't have the energy to finish what you've started:

19. I wonder if this helped.

20. Please go around the cones.

Bonus: It seems that people aren't the only creatures who can be lazy.

So, what is laziness for you? Saving energy, being smart, or just plain laziness? Do people around you share your lifestyle choices? Answer in the comments!

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