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15 Old Items Your Grandparents Still Have That Cost a Fortune Today

It’s pretty common to leave our grandparents’ house with food leftovers for the rest of the week and a thing or 2 from the attic storage. But if you think these vintage finds have only sentimental value, think again. Even the most regular object, like Pyrex bowls, toys, or even magazines, can be collected and people are willing to pay a fortune for them.

So because of this, Bright Side researched some prices to help you make good money while helping your grandmother declutter her house.

1. A 1948 Pyrex set, $150

Colorful or with pretty patterns, Pyrex was a big hit in the mid-1900s. Although our grandmas still use them to cook, one set from the primary color collection, for example, can be sold for $150. If she still has one, it can be antique worth hundreds of bucks!

2. Apollo 11 newspaper, up to $150

Newspapers printed with striking headlines from history are of big interest to collectors. So if there’s an Apollo 11 “landing on the moon” edition laying around, for example, it can cost up to $150.

3. Nintendo 64 console and games, $910

The Nintendo 64 console is still a dream for every video game fan, many of whom consider these to be the best video games of all time. So it’s no surprise that selling this vintage treasure is a guarantee for good money since the console, on its own, costs $910 on eBay.

4. Pocket watch $400 or more

Every man in the early 1900s had at least one pocket watch. Some of them were simpler while others were from famous reputable brands. If your grandpa’s watch belongs in the latter category, you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s possible to sell this Doxa pocket watch, for example, for $400.

5. 1950s Vogue Pattern magazine, $180

Back in the day, women sewed their own clothes by hand and there was a magazine that helped with fabric ideas and sewing patterns. This Vogue Pattern volume from the early 1950s has an estimated value of $180.

6. Vintage guitars, up to $1,750

Music has been present in our lives since the early days, and for our grandparents, this was no different. People search for vintage instruments and some of them have great value thanks to their rare make. This Gibson Melody, for example, costs $1,750.

7. Beatles postcard, $500

Some consider The Beatles to be the biggest band of all time and they still have a fervent fan base. Anything Beatles related is a hit, especially if it has the members’ signatures on it. A signed 1960s post-card was sold for $500.

8. Tube radios, about $200

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that our grandparents’ only way to listen to music was through tube radios, and we can find most of them still working and in very good condition. But if they want to make room for more modern options, they can sell their vintage tube radios for about $200.

9. Gillette razor blades, $150 per package

When we buy our cheap razor blades at the nearest supermarket, we can’t imagine that there are vintage Gillette blades being sold for almost $150 per package.

10. Vintage Barbies, up to $1,600

We loved to play with our Barbie dolls when we were kids and so did our grandmas. Several models have been launched over the years, and the older and rarer they get, the more valuable they are for collectors. If your grandma still has her 1960s Barbie, she can earn an astonishing $1,600.

11. Skateboards, $400 or more

Skateboards were as much of a hit back then as they are now. Some collectors buy vintage skateboards just to hang on the wall as art and pay $400 or more to have one to call their own.

12. Folding cameras, $800 each

Not only can you sell these vintage folding cameras for $800 each, but the person who buys them can use them to take some pretty nice pictures.

13. Vintage Monopoly, $500

A great way to gather friends and family that’s been around since our grandparents’ time are board games, and they’re also very valuable to collectors. They may pay up to $500 for a vintage Monopoly, especially if there are no missing pieces.

14. Typewriter, $700

Back when computers were first being made, many people couldn’t imagine that typewriters would cost as much as they do now, and a lot of them were thrown away. But if your grandparents kept one and it’s become nothing more than a dust collector, you can try to sell it for up to $700.

15. Military clothes, $900 or more

What was used for military purposes back in the day is now being used as fashion. Jackets, helmets, pants, and pouches can cost $900 or more.

Have you ever earned some money helping your grandparents sell vintage items? What was the most valuable object you found at their house? We’re curious to know!