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15+ Old Pictures That Can Make Anyone Want to Return to the Past

When we stop and look at photos from the past, nostalgia is a completely normal feeling. We’re stuck with our memories and pictures until we figure out a way to travel back in time. That’s why we fished around the Internet for old pics that can take us back to those glory days.

1. “Dad and his tree, 59 years later”

2. “In 1962, my mother’s bridesmaids carried a bouquet of grapes.”

3. “My dad in the early ’90s”

4. “My grandma’s hospital bill after giving birth to my dad in 1955”

5. “This gentleman took my mom to the prom in high school in the late 1950s. He just drove across the state to visit her. They went to dinner last night.”

6. “My mom did all the tinsel during Christmas in 1958.”

7. “My grandparents’ honeymoon in Switzerland, 1946”

8. A baby learning to walk in 1905

9. “Christmas Day, 1971 (or maybe ’72), my grandparents’ house in Jamaica, Queens”

10. This old picture of 3 babies and their moms

11. “This is my dad in 1972 on his 1970 Triumph motorcycle. He passed away in May and my uncle restored the bike.”

12. “My mother made us matching dresses for a fancy party back in 1954.”

13. “My grandma at 16, in 1943. She said she used to go to a photo booth and have a photo taken every time she had her hair done and liked the way it looked.”

14. “This is my great-aunt in front of their house in Boston, 1964. The house was bought on a milkman’s salary.”

15. “Aspen, Colorado in the ’80s vs today — my grandpa is in the center, and my dad is on the right with my aunt and uncle.”

16. How this woman is carrying a baby in Beijing, 1998

17. “My son on his first day of kindergarten, last day of high school, and last day of college”

What is something you think was better in the past? If you could travel once in a time machine, what date would you travel to?

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