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15 Photos That Prove Reality Can Be Modified

There was a period of time when the word Photoshop wasn’t a verb and people had to look for ways to alter their photos. Now, thanks to all the technology that exists, erasing unwanted people or comically modifying your pics can be way easier.

Our Bright Side team went on a quest to find experts in the art of modifying pics with and without the help of a computer.

1. “Nana has been photoshopping out her exes since the ’70s.”

2. “For the past 4 years, I’ve been photoshopping a plastic Godzilla into my travel photos.”

3. “My college yearbook Photoshopped my punk rock spikes into a white afro.”

4. “My friend’s grandma put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband’s face.”

5. “Our friend didn’t like his face in any of the group photos we took. So we told him we’d photoshop it.”

6. “It was raining so I went on California Screamin’ 4 times then photoshopped myself in every seat.”

7. “I tried to Photoshop one of my dad’s terrible golf swings.”

8. “My parents, having paid a lot for ’trick’ wedding photography.”

9. “Mom was not amused with my photoshop skills...”

10. “Someone photoshopped a googly eye on my one-eyed boy, Finn. I can’t stop laughing.”

11. “My sister got married and sadly our mother passed away. But she made a little appearance thanks to Photoshop.”

12. “My husband photoshopped our cat as an astronaut and had it printed on his Vans.”

13. “The guy who was supposed to buy the old couches bailed. So I photoshopped myself onto all of them.”

14. “I sent a photo of my cats to my friends and one of them immediately responded with this...”

15. “Who seriously puts whipped cream on a croissant?”

Tell us in the comments which photo you thought was the most realistic. Which pictures of you and your family would you Photoshop, and why?

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