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15 People That Know They Can Find Something Cool Anywhere

When we find something cool, we get a rush of positive emotions that last for a long time. Sometimes, to find something like this, you just need to get out and be attentive or search through an old attic or closet.

We at Bright Side love finding interesting things and so do people around the world. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus: a story of a find that will make any woman happy.

1. “I’m the kind of person that loves picking up anything I find. 6 years ago, I found this pendant in the street and forgot about it. Recently, I googled it and it turned out to be worth $100...”

2. “I found this huge wet sketchbook on the beach and who am I to say no to it? Taking it home.”

3. “Casio watch, found while snorkeling for dropped items under the Capilano Suspension Bridge. No idea how long it was down there and it was running when I found it. Had it for 5 years and never changed the battery.”

4. “Found an over 100-year-old time capsule in my backyard!”

5. “I found a book that is over 200 years old.”

6. “I found the shoes that my mom wore to her prom.”

7. “I found my vacuum in this new video game.”

8. “I work as a mechanic and this is what I found in one of the cars today...”

9. “Just found a lug nut in my fruit bar.”

10. “Found this crispy little guy on the side of the road waiting for garbage pickup. Amazing what 24 hours and some water will do.”

11. “Found this 104-year-old coin just sitting in my drawer.”

12. “There was a possum in my recliner.”

13. “My boyfriend found this in his backyard. It appears to be a medal of some sort? There’s nothing on the back of it.”

14. “A friend found this while pulling out their hose.”

15. “My great-grandmother asked me to help her clean out her house, organize paperwork, and clean out the inside of a cluttered safe that she didn’t want anymore. She said I could have anything I found inside it that was, ’Cool, interesting or worth money.’ I found these.”

Bonus: The story of a find that would make any woman happy

I found an earring on the road and I was upset that a woman had lost it. I printed out ads and put them around the area. There were several calls from several people, but they were frauds. But then — bingo! Tomorrow, the confused owner will reunite with the earring that her mother had given her. © Spirtyoza / Pikabu

What interesting discoveries have you made? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Spirtyoza / Pikabu