15+ People Who Made a Good Purchase That Lasted a Lifetime

The feeling of seeing your kid step into the first pair of shoes you wore 40 years ago or use your great-grandmother’s 100-year-old coffee maker is inexplicable. Even if it seems odd, some things become more valuable with time, and this collection of pics will show you that if you take good care of the things you own, they will treat you even better.

We at Bright Side were hit by a wave of nostalgia while looking through these pics and realized that sometimes holding onto things might pay off even more than we expect.

1. “The waffle maker we got when we first went to the US (1998) still makes waffles today.”

2. “My 1988 Ariens GT20 with a 60-inch deck and the boy who will hopefully still be riding it when he’s in his thirties”

3. “My mother (1962), my sister (1990), me (1994), and my niece (2017), all using the same highchair (which my grandfather still has)”

4. “My grandma got this carpet sweep in the early 1960s and she gave it to me when I moved into my first apartment. I love this thing, it works like a gem.”

5. “A Rival Crockpot from 1971 — still cooking roast beef 50 years later!”

6. “These were my first pair of shoes in 1980. My mother kept them for 40 years in good condition, and they are now my son’s first pair of shoes in 2020.”

7. “My mom is celebrating her forty-eighth wedding anniversary by making a cake with the Philips hand mixer given to her on the day.”

8. “The bottom one is me 20 years ago when my mom owned this car. The top one is me now, the owner of said car, which has taken me to 9 countries so far.”

9. “This is my over 35-year-old fire truck that my son now plays with. It still has the orange shag carpet my father put on the seat to make it more comfortable.”

10. “A JC Penney hot air popcorn popper, purchased 1980, still going strong!”

11. “My great-grandfather’s Elgin Pocket watch, made in 1917, was passed down to my grandfather, my uncle, and now me.”

12. “My 1962 British-built Hacker Cavalier portable — still going strong after almost 60 years.”

13. “This phone was used daily in my grandparents’ house from 1973 to 2018. I inherited it and have been using it since 2019. Still works perfectly.”

14. “My great-grandmother’s percolator is still making coffee, nearly 100 years later.”

15. “I’ve just been gifted my parents’ Le Creuset saucepan set. They got it as a wedding gift 40 years ago. Has had everyday use since.”

16. “My grandmother at a homecoming football game in 1957 and me in the same dress, 60 years later”

17. “This was played with by 3 generations of toddlers: my younger siblings, kids, nieces/nephews, and currently grandchildren.”

18. Brooke Shields’ daughter wearing her mother’s Golden Globe dress, 23 years later

“I thought it was a special night when I was nominated for a Golden Globe and wore this dress in 1998, but nothing could have prepared me to see my daughter wearing it to her prom. Proud mama!”

Have you inherited something from your parents or grandparents that you really cherish? Share your pictures with us in the comment section.

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