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15 People Who Rented an Apartment and Their Life Sparkled With New Colors

Renting a non-expensive apartment in a good district with adequate owners is a quest that not every person can go through. However, looking at the stories on the internet many people relate to it with a sense of humor and it’s actually wonderful.

We at Bright Side have been eagerly reading the stories of tenants who told about all pitfalls of living in a rented apartment.

1. “Whoever painted the house I’m renting, painted a floss stick to the wall.”

2. They thought it was the cat’s fault

3. Good that it got clean again.

4. A friend’s advice can be precious.

5. “The renters demanded a new dryer since this one ’isn’t working well’...”

6. “This renter destroyed a home when she was asked to leave because she broke the contract.”

7. Thank goodness a cat is not a scary animal.

8. “Grandma thought she rented out her vacation apartment to a neckbeard...”

9. Also, don’t stand there with the fridge open!

10. “The toilet in an apartment my family rented on vacation”

11.“This plug comes from the floor near an outlet in my rented apartment.”

12. “A friend of mine just shared a photo of his first rented apartment. What is this? Bathchen? Kitchroom?”

13. Human impudence is sometimes boundless.

14. “Went out this morning to get breakfast. Came home to find a sign saying the house we rent is for sale. We have 2 months to move out.”

15. Also, you haven’t dusted it...

What kind of landlords have you had to deal with? Did everything go smoothly with them?

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