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20+ People Who Stumbled Upon Wondrous Things

Life’s full of random minor wonders. But rushing through our daily routines with endless tasks weighing us down, only a few of us find a moment to look around. Luckily the internet is a fantastic place to see them all at once, in one simple click. So, sit back and feast your eyes and minds as you scroll through this batch of mind-boggling pics we hand-picked for you.

1. This toilet does magic.

2. “Garbage-picked this toy kitchen for my grandson”

3. “Thrift score of the century. On the 50% off-the-shelf, I spent $4.2 total on these babies! Literally near perfect condition.”

4. “This tree grew at a 90-degree angle.”

5. “One of my bananas isn’t ripening at the same rate.”

6. “My toilet paper has a flavor.”

7. “White ornament set came with a pickle ornament”

8. “My chocolate is moulded to break into uneven pieces.”

9. “This garage is on the second floor”

10. “Guy on my ferry casually brought his pet chicken with him.”

11. “This tree I walked by with a perfect color gradient”

12. “Spring and autumn on the same tree”

13. “This carrot from our garden came out looking like a baby in the womb.”

14. “My Jack O’Lantern looks better now than it did on Halloween.”

15. “Big brother and little sister cuddling”

16. “This container is sweating soy sauce.”

17. “The reflection from this lid looks like a face.”

18. “I forgot my phone in English today. Found this on the camera roll after my teacher returned it.”

19. “This spoon that got twisted up in the dryer.”

20. “It makes me super happy When my needle felted replica is on point.”

21. “I found a baby snapping turtle in my garage.”

22. Saw Egbert sleeping like this.

23. “Baby deer... so tiny.”

24. “I found this little guy at work today.”

25. “The towel monkey that was left in my room on our cruise ship.”

26. “My puppy after a snowy day.”

What’s the discovery you have found that you’ll remember forever? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comments.

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