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15 People Who Wanted to Eat at a Restaurant but Now Wish They Just Stayed at Home

Some days, you just feel like spoiling yourself and going to a nice restaurant. You’re impatiently waiting for your order, but when you finally get it, you can’t help but wonder how you’re going to eat it. That’s exactly what happened to the heroes of this article, whose meals were presented in the most unusual way. Luckily, they grabbed their cameras just in time to share these culinary masterpieces with the whole world.

We at Bright Side didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as we scrolled through these photos of creative plating techniques that went way too far.

1. “Caesar salad from last night”

2. “My friend’s mother went to a restaurant and got a glass of pasta upside down.”

3. “The sauce was dripping from the holes.”

4. “My favorite part was rubbing the yolk into the wood with my toast.”

5. “How do iWash it?”

6. “The juices dripped onto my legs through that nice crack in the board.”

7. “I have a sinking feeling about this quesadilla.”

8. “Our corn chips came in a rusty bucket.”

9. “The syrup kept spilling over.”

10. “Pasta ended up everywhere.”

11. “Why sugar the lid?”

12. “They served conch inside a conch shell. It makes sense in a way.”

13. “Chicken tacos”

14. “Got my food at a restaurant in a dog bowl.”

15. “My food came in a jewelry box.”

Do you prefer your food to be served in a regular way or do you like creative plating? What was the most unusual way your order was presented to you?

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