14 Imperfect Objects That Actually Turned Out to Be Priceless

2 years ago

Out-of-the-ordinary packaging, a doll with a scary face, or an object with misprinted letters. These 3 objects have something in common: a so-called “manufacturing flaw.” And despite the fact that the production of goods happens in a specific pattern, especially those designed by big brands, many items end up being very different from what they were intended to be. It’s only at that moment that some of these mistakes can turn normal things into funny or real “glitches in the Matrix.”

Bright Side collected some pictures of defective products that may make you laugh out loud. Check out the following compilation. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree with us that some of these objects turned out to be so bad, there’s nothing you can do but laugh at them. Which, after all, isn’t that bad!

1. Does anyone know what time it is? No?

2. I love NEVv YORK!

3. Watch out! She looks nice, but then...

4. Her beak is just not what it used to be!

5. Why can’t she look me straight in the eye?

6. “It has a rubber handle, but it also has a metal piece where you hold it, which makes it useless when cooking...”

7. “What happened here?”

8. “I’m still waiting for my yellow ketchup. Where is my yellow ketchup?!”

9. Oops...wrong door.

10. “Quick question though — is it a mirror or a frame?”

11. “The Incredible Shrek!”

12. Buy one get one free!

13. 9 or 6? There seems to be a little problem here...

14. You get to wash your hands and your shoes at the same time!

What has been the most off-limits object you have ever encountered? Would you have the courage to buy a product like this, just for fun?

Preview photo credit tristram_shandy_ / Reddit


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