20 Ordinary Things We Didn’t Expect Any Surprises From

year ago

The world around us never ceases to surprise us. Sometimes, it seems that everything doesn’t go the way we thought it would: the tap in the hotel is on the ceiling, the soap pretends to be a rock, pregnancy tests show us all kinds of possible results, and the food we buy keeps confusing us.

We at Bright Side have found people that saw actual proof that they are living in a crazy, crazy world.

“I thought this was a cool rock, but it was soap.”

“Bought 2 pizzas and one came with the toppings directly on the cardboard with a naked crust under it.”

“Update on Schrodinger’s baby: used up all 4 tests and got all 4 possible result combinations.”

“My wife kept threatening to throw away my favorite pair of yardwork shorts. Today I found them like this.”

“Ordered some gummy bears in the mail and this is what I got. Wondering if I should still try to eat it or not.”

“Opened up a lighter and there was just another lighter inside.”

“This clock was in my grandparents’ home for 50 years, and nobody noticed this.”

“This ’gift’ my husband received at our baby shower. He was offended, and I understand him.”

“The hot tub in my hotel room fills from the ceiling.”

This giant carrot

This traffic light in Denmark has Vikings as signal lights.

“My wife’s bag of dried squid pieces had an entire complete squid.”

“Told the customer to pack the laptops with care. This is how that worked out...”

“My friend’s chicken lays green eggs sometimes.”

“This plug that is designed, so it can’t plug in next to anything else.”

“My eggplant has a laser marking instead of a physical sticker to show it’s organic.”

“I was 30 minutes in before I realized it wasn’t the pic on the box, and an hour in before I realized it wasn’t even a butterfly.”

“There is a dog under the silver paint on my fridge magnet. The magnet was there for years, until the paint started to fall off, and I found the surprise.”

  • Was probably a company that made a bunch for a specific order that never got paid for/picked up, so they had to get rid of them somehow. © nick_oreo / Reddit

“My squash racquet snapped where the word ’reinforced’ is printed.”

“Found a piece of broken wood in our toilet paper roll.”

Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to say, “Wait, I think this is not what it’s supposed to be like?”

Preview photo credit mwahaha321 / Reddit


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