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15 People Who Will Always Manage to Stand Out From the Crowd

Some people are literally made to stand out. For example, the odds of being born with a thumb that has 3 phalanges are 1 in 25,000. But you don’t need a genetic gift like this one to be unique.

Bright Side wants to share 15 pictures with you that show people who are so unique and wonderful that they’re not afraid to turn some heads.

1. “I have finger toes.”

2. “A Vietnamese guy with his African Bullfrogs”

3. His thumb has 3 phalanges.

4. “2 months old, not a wig”

5. “First post of my baby boy born with white bangs”

6. “Just saw this woman dragging her/a child along the path in a plastic shopping cart.”

7. “My left foot is way bigger than my right foot.”

8. “This woman and her hawk were hired to walk around my local town 10 hours a day to scare away seagulls.”

9. “Some guy had a cone on his head.”

10. “This woman walks her kid with a leash but her dog doesn’t need one.”

11. “Man taking his snake for a walk.”

12. “This guy walking his meerkat down on the Shonan coastline”

13. “This person is ordering McDonald’s on horseback.”

14. “This guy’s full back tattoo of South Park characters.”

15. “This guy riding a lawnmower-shaped go-kart in traffic”

Who was the most spectacular human being you saw this month? Drop a comment.

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