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15 People Who’ll Have You Guessing Their Real Age

Sometimes, puberty can make a 17-year-old look like a 50-year-old and cause a 31-year-old to pass as a 13-year-old. These people don’t look their age at all, and they’ll have you guessing whether they’re a teen still in school or a full-grown adult who has 3 kids of their own.

Bright Side has collected photos of such people and would like to see if you’re able to guess their ages correctly.

1. “My dad looked like a pre-midlife crisis businessman...when he was 17.”

2. “Me, 14, looking like a 40-year-old housewife”

3. “My 22-year-old sister looks like she is 12.”

4. “A matronly 40-year old Korean librarian? Nope! Just me, a 12-year old boy.”

5. “That’s 12-year-old me in my family photo, on the far left. I look like a 35-year-old secretary who makes the best Christmas cookies at work.”

6. “Me at age 16”

7. “Just turned 38. No one ever believes me.”

8. “Me at 13, looking like a 30-year-old single mom”

9. “My dad started balding at around 17.”

10. “It’s me, I’m 18.”

11. “That girl is not 13. That girl is actually me with my youngest son. I am 31.”

12. 47? The man in the photo is 26 years old.

13. “Me at 11, rocking the granny sweater”

14. “My close friend sent me a picture of himself at the age of 10, and I thought it may have been his mother.”

15. “Me at 14, looking 40”

Did you look your age when you were little? Share your baby photos with us in the comments!

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