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15 People Whose Imagination Is Truly Limitless

In this world, there are some enlightened people who can create beauty out of the most ordinary elements. The inspiring moments required for the creation of these unique pieces may come in the less expected moments, as a study showed that 72% of people have creative insights in the shower. This shows that any person can get creative, even when conducting day-to-day activities.

To show you some of these imaginative examples, Bright Side prepared this list.

1. “A before and after of my bathroom ceiling mural”

2. “I made a sloth cake!”

3. “The shot vs the spot”

4. “A tiny version of my dog I sculpted from leftover epoxy clay, then glued to a penny!”

5. “The kids asked for extra jobs for cash, so I created a bounty board with contracts.”

6. This Furby

7. “Found this standing on a street somewhere...”

8. “Found a funny-looking bunny at the store.”

9. “A local artist’s sentry — it’s even cooler in person.”

10. “The art of Kandinsky as projected in L’Atelier des Lumières, Paris”

11. “I made a coffee cup using coffee beans.”

12. “I made a metal flower.”

13. “My chalk art ice cream sundae in Charleston, West Virginia”

14. “Turf flip-flops at the Sanuk store in Downtown Disney”

15. “I’m a body painter, and this week, I painted myself into a Na’vi from Avatar.”

Have you ever encountered something so unusual that you couldn’t figure out how the creator had the idea for it? What was it? We’d love to know in the comments.

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