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15+ Photos That Can Make Your Heart Fly Off the Handle

We all used to think that there were 6 clear human emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust. But scientists have now discovered that we can feel as many as 27 emotions. When you look at a powerful shot, you have a chance to experience a big portion of those 27 emotions, and today, you’ll have a real chance to do so.

Here at Bright Side, we want our readers to experience only positive feelings. Today, we’ve collected 17 candid photos that will raise a full orchestra of great emotions in your soul.

1. “My boss found this lost little seal wandering around. He called the Marine Mammal Center for a rescue.”

2. “My Russian professor found a dog in the parking lot. So naturally, he brought her in and we spent the class playing with her.”

3. “My sister got up close to a white lion cub. So gorgeous!”

4. “I wanted a puppy to cuddle with. Then this little guy fell out of the sky, lost and scared.”

5. “My parents passed away when I was young, so this is my way of saying only time keeps us apart.”

6. “Before my mom leaves the house, she sets up the Kindle so the cat can watch bird videos in bed.”

7. “My uncle’s been so depressed. My aunt took him to pick up their new puppy when he thought they were just going shopping.”

8. “Since this dog arrived at our shelter, I’m so excited to get to put him down — in his own bed at his new home, mine.”

9. “My dogs are so dramatic in the morning.”

10. “My boxer doesn’t like to sit on the floor, so he sits on my German Shepherd.”

11. “So today, for my birthday, I fed a baby tiger.”

12. “Find a boy who looks at you like this.”

13. “I own a mini pot belly pig. His name is Oscar. This is how he puts himself to sleep every night.”

14. “1 miscarriage, 1 32-week stillbirth, basically 2 years of pregnancy, and today, I get to bring a perfect baby boy home.”

15. “Getting our apartment-raised cat used to the outside world. Soooo scary!”

16. “Our 11-month-old, 130-pound lap dog, Simba”

17. “Meet our new kitten, Lester. Loved by our dog in under a second!”

What is a photo from your phone’s camera roll that sets your heart at rest in uneasy times? What is the pic that makes you laugh like mad?

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