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15 Pics That Are Sweeter Than a Sugar Plum Fairy

There are some pics that make us feel thankful for the invention of cameras. With a simple snap, we’re able to immortalize moments, travel back in time whenever we want, and experience memories with the same emotion as the moment we lived them. And speaking of capturing unique photos that give us those “oh-my-heart” moments, some people manage to capture real gems.

We at Bright Side regularly fall head over heels for “awwdorable” pics, so we share 15 images with all of you out there who have a similar soft spot for cuteness.

1. “The foster kittens were out having playtime and my boyfriend was supposed to be watching them.”

“I walked into the living room and found everyone like this.”

2. “She always lays on my tummy and wraps her tail around my arm like a monkey.”

3. “Our cat has been glued to my boyfriend ever since we returned home from a week-long trip.”

4. “The way she looks at him! Find someone who looks at you like that!”

5. “My cat is absolutely obsessed with our new kitten.”

6. “These puppy eyes...”

7. “He wanted us to be ’raffs together.”

8. “We rescued Dixie a little over a month ago. That smile says it all.”

9. “The whole family taking a nap”

10. “He is the chosen one!”

11. “Anakin is quite sure he has the high ground now. In all seriousness, I can’t believe how grown up he is! He loves being carried around.”

12. “My son always texts when he’s on his way home. I let his 17-year-old cat and 16-year-old doggo know that he’s coming.”

“This is them waiting for him.”

13. “I couldn’t see my family this year (for obvious reasons), so my boy and I made the best of it.”

14. “Meet Margot, the Border Aussie. My first pup ever and could not be happier!”

15. “The shelter made a rule that these siblings had to be adopted together because they were inseparable.”

“They sleep like this every night.”

Which of these pics do you think deserves the award for the most aww-inspiring photo? Share any similar pics you may have in the comment section, and we might just feature them in one of our next articles.

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Preview photo credit qkri / Reddit, erinnbecky / Reddit
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