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15 Pictures That Show the Apple Doesn’t Usually Fall Far From the Tree

Genetically, we are more similar to our mothers than our fathers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a copy of your dad or even one of your grandparents. After all, some genes that are active in your parents can be inactive in you and vice versa. That’s why inheriting genes is like playing a lottery.

We at Bright Side love seeing how genetic codes leave imprints from generation to generation, and that’s why we made a compilation of 15 pics that show the power of genetics.

1. “My mom on the right in 1965, and my daughter on the left in 2014”

2. “My dad’s Lebanese passport pic (the early 1980s), and my youngest brother in the present day”

3. “36 years later, my daughter ended up with the exact same curls as me.”

4. “My fourth great-grandmother (sometime in the 1800s) and me, separated by 6 generations”

5. Maya Hawke and her mother, Uma Thurman

6. “My son looks a little bit like me.”

7. Monica Bellucci and her daughter, Deva Cassel


8. “My mom and me in 2005 vs me now — everyone says I look exactly like her when she was a teenager.”

9. “My newborn inherited my fingers.”

10. “My grandmother took a picture of my son. She said it looked familiar and then showed me this.”

“The black-and-white photo is of my father when he was 8.”

11. “I got a handmade Father’s Day shirt from my grandson, and it looks like he inherited my smile.”

12. “Ear birthmarks shared by my baby son and me”

13. “My dad and me”

14. “My wife and kids have a birthmark on the same spot on their index knuckle.”

15. Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Jordan Gerber, around the same age

PHOTOlink/Everett Collection/East News, ANGELA WEISS/AFP/East News

Have you inherited a genetic trademark from your parents or grandparents?

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