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15 Pointlessly Gendered Objects That Leave Us Scratching Our Heads

For some reason, many manufacturers think that things have to be divided by gender. This idea also means that the things these people sell are either pink or blue, meaning they’re for girls or for boys. The thought left us scratching our heads because we’ve never really stumbled upon any object that is truly gender-specific. While browsing for pics on this topic, we actually discovered that most of the gender-divided items for sale were the same thing. The only difference was the description of the products — one was made for men, the other for women.

So, here at Bright Side, we thought we’d make a compilation to see if you noticed why the following objects were gendered because we surely couldn’t find any reason for them to be. As far as we know, the Reddit users that shared the pics couldn’t find a valid reason either.

1. “A school supply shop I saw while shopping”

“Pink or blue, just be you!”

2. “This is an old Monopoly game I used to play with my sister. Guess we weren’t allowed to do so...”

“For boys and adults (above 8 years old). For 2-8 players.”

3. “Grabbed some toilet paper while in a rush, came home to realize that my boyfriend wouldn’t be able to use it.”

4. “Ah, the 2 genders, ’Lady’ and ’The’...”

5. “Just why?”

6. “I was going through stuff and stumbled upon my dad’s old school books...”

“When I grow up I want to be —

Boys: fireman, policeman, cowboy, doctor, astronaut, soldier, ballplayer, teacher”

Girls: mother, nurse, teacher, actress, airline hostess, model, secretary, artist"

7. “Ah yes, the 3 genders”

8. “Boys always get the coolest stuff.”

9. “God forbid a man should buy a regular bath bomb...”

10. “In a girl’s eyes, everything is pink.”

11. “Pink backpacks only for girls!!!”

12. “Found in a pet store...”

13. “In case you want to lose the ability to differentiate countries and the ocean”

14. “Apparently your gender determines if you play with horses or reptiles.”

15. “The tea is hot (and gendered) today.”

“Feminine Equilibrium”

“Men’s Tea”

What surreal situations in which things were divided for men and women have you faced? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit C4L1T0 / Reddit
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