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15 Poor Guys Who Epically Drew the Short Straw

The urban dictionary defines “drawing a short straw” as being picked out for something that no one else wants. And boy, the following list highlights this predicament perfectly!

We at Bright Side consider ourselves lucky people — having you as readers is amazing! And we also think that the best way to deal with bad luck is laughter, pure and simple. So brace yourself, here it comes!

You’ll be having a baby tire soon!

It’s a sign. A “Falling Rocks” sign, to be exact.

This is worse than dropping your spoon in your soup.

No more pillow

If Mary Poppins had a bad day...

Mornings, meh.

No feet on the dashboard

Friday night jinxed

I think it’s time to get a new phone.

Dryer fire

No Mozart for you!

It was about time for a beard trim anyway.

At least the cat is happy.

This is my cousin, ashamed after building a chair from IKEA.

Maybe think harder about the wardrobe choice for picture day next time.

Which one of those made you feel better about how your day is going? We would love to hear from you in our comments section.

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