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15 Real Coincidences That Look So Insane They Seem to Be Staged

Coincidences can either spoil a photo or make it into a masterpiece. In any case, these photos will never be forgotten. Is there a person who wouldn’t want their photo to be spoiled by Bryan Cranston or a sloth that accidentally appeared in the frame?

Bright Side has found, once again, that coincidences are everywhere around us and picked some cool shots that prove it.

A “Good-bye Cracks” cover has a cracked cap.

A Pepsi bottle that left a frozen spiral after it exploded

“Would you mind keeping your hands away from me, please?”

“This happy fish photobombed me.”

Why do people keep spoiling our photos? Woah, wait...

Photos from 2 different brands line up perfectly.

A proud and very self-confident deer

Perfect match

Why take a photo of that building when the bird is clearly there for you?

“Who is the star here? I am the star!”

“I’m puppy sitting this weekend and she is the most beautiful golden. Don’t mind my dog in the background...”

“I am Groot!”

The cutest photobomb ever

This guy is a legend.

A new friend

Does your photo album have any similar photos? We would love to see them in the comments!

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