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15 Secondhand Items That Have Their Own Secrets

Buying or finding secondhand items has many benefits: they’re cheaper, environment-friendly, and quite exciting. Secondhand items are quite a surprise: they can either be everyday used objects you can buy at the store or small hidden treasures that you won’t find anywhere else. You might find your favorite writer’s book with their autograph inside, a cool serving platter, or a beautiful box filled with Japanse handheld fans.

We at Bright Side found 15 secondhand items that surprised people and brought them joy.

1. “A $30 thrift find and it lights up!”

2. “I thought this was just a bangle at first. $5!”

3. “I found this magical hidden storage end table.”

4. “The store owner said it was 50 to 60 years old.”

5. “The best $1.99 I will ever spend in my lifetime!”

6. “An OshKosh wardrobe steamer trunk I scored for $50 today!”

7. “A butter dish (cover only) I claimed from my grandparents’ cabin”

8. “I found this several years ago in a Goodwill in Albany, OR.”

9. “My new favorite serving platter!”

10. “Thrifting vintage Avon perfume is my favorite thing.”

11. “An unsuspecting hatbox with a false top reveals a forgotten beauty.”

12. “Just $2 — the lady had absolutely no idea who these people were.”

13. “Not sure if holding the fans were their original purpose.”

14. “The secret drawer is undetectable. I had never seen one before!”

15. “An Easter surprise — I’ve given him a good wash.”

Have you found any secondhand items with secrets at a local thrift store or your grandma’s attic? Share them with us!

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