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15 Soul-Pleasing Pics That Will Make Your Day Warmer

No matter how busy our days are, sometimes we all need the soul-warming effect that a few delightful pictures can provide. Whether it’s a duckling sunbathing, a puppy feeling really proud of the new accessory they got, or a cat snuggling with the family’s new kitten, these photos can all lift your spirits.

That’s why Bright Side collected 15 wholesome pics that are guaranteed to make your day better.

1. “My baby holding my wedding ring when he was 2 weeks old”

2. “Crocheted a kitty couch for my kitties. Salem loves it.”

3. “He looks so proud in his little bow tie.”

4. “Chad enjoying the sun”

5. “The vet is very familiar with my boxer. They know he’s good-natured, so they decided to put a cap on him.”

6. “I turned 31 today, and I am thankful for every time my mother lifted me up when I was down!”

7. “My sister’s husky ran out of ink while giving birth”

8. “He wanted us to be ’raffs together.”

9. This wholesome best friend duo.

10. “Me and my old girl in 1998 and 2018.”

11. “My wife made our dog a ‘barkuterie board’ for his birthday.”

12. “A shop owner modified his attic to accommodate his cats. Now he is under constant observation.”

13. “Ham saved my life yesterday. He hurt his paw but I’m alive because of his bravery.”

“I was working on my house where I fell and was critically injured. He ran to me and started howling and crying — he tried to drag me and ripped his foot open. Luckily he got my neighbor’s attention. He saved me. Thank you, Ham. You are my best friend.” shotg**-octopus/reddit

14. “My cat is obsessed with our new kitten.”

15. He carries his stuffed animal absolutely everywhere.

Do you have a comfort photo you always look at to put you in a better mood? Share it with us in the comments!

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