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15+ Spectacular Examples of Job Fails That Deserve a Special Award

There are people who work in a careless manner, and then there are perfectionists prone to self-criticism and emotional burn-out. And you never can tell who of them is luckier. Is it really necessary to work oneself to the max? Or maybe it’s worth learning how to scale things back in a professional way.

At Bright Side, we know how important quality of work and deadlines are, but we’re also sure that we should find time for ourselves when we can relax and recharge our batteries. And this collection of photos in which Internet users showed the flaws in other people’s work can help you with this.

“I have 2 outlets in my house that don’t work. I purchased 2 new outlets to replace them. It turns out there are no wires to connect them to!”

“My husband ordered from his favorite pizza place after a long day of work and got this.”

“We aren’t allowed to hang our own wall mount, so I had to pay $50 for the maintenance staff to do it.”

“Just look how they did it.”

This is why school students have trouble with math.

“They used a bucket to put up the barrier.”

“I think my mailman loves me.”

It seems like a street puzzle or a new type of landscape design.

“The outlet was installed after the cabinet, according to the cabinet installer.”

People should know that the government keeps all road signs up-to-date.

“My acquaintance wanted a tattoo like in the photo on the left, but got this.”

They just needed to install the electricity cable.

“I ordered extra jalapeños on the side.”

“My friends tried to give me a Ronaldo hairstyle. What do you guys think?”

“I ordered pizza recently. I knew that it would likely be different from the one on their website, but I was definitely not ready for this.”

That’ll do! Who reads these signs anyway?

The door opens smoothly now.

Forget something?

The line between designers and plumbers

“A friend of mine bought an apartment and hired some ‘brilliant’ workers. The manager complained that hot water ran from the cold water tap in the neighboring apartment. My friend came over and saw this engineering masterpiece.”

Are you a workaholic, or do you know a proven method to make your work easier? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit DarthBOX / Pikabu
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