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15 Things of Extraordinary Size That Made Us Want to Rub Our Eyes in Disbelief

If you think that objects you’ve gotten used to seeing in everyday life can hardly surprise you anymore, you might be wrong. Sometimes it’s the size that makes all the difference and adds a quirky twist to the plainest of things. The heroes of our article found a mushroom the size of a human head, a radish larger than a palm, a moth so huge it could be a character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and many other things with sizes that break all the rules of logic.

We at Bright Side selected 15 photos of ordinary things that truly amazed us with their extra-large size, and we wonder if you’ve ever seen things as huge as these.

1. “I found a moth and it was huge...bigger than half my hand.”

2. “A huge mushroom in my backyard”

3. “A very big radish”

4. “My neighbor’s walnuts are huge! Here’s a regular walnut and a quarter for reference.”

5. “I found these huge dandelions around my neighborhood, I think they’re pretty cool.”

6. “I didn’t realize lemons could get this big.”

7. This clover is simply huge!

8. “This huge apple that fell from my tree”

9. “This mushroom I found 5 years ago”

10. When only 2 raspberries are a handful:

11. “This pineapple-sized pinecone I found”

12. We wonder what the whole bunch of these grapes looked like...

13. We had no idea lettuce could grow that big.

14. “This pretty large dragonfly we found”

15. If only all strawberries were that big...

Have you ever seen ordinary things of extraordinary size? If you have pictures of them, show us in the comments!

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