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15+ Things That Pretended to Be Something They Weren’t

Pretending to be something else is one game that Mother Nature is really good at. A tree can look like a scary dragon or a rock can be identical to a thumbs-up. But 2 can play this game, so much so that even objects love to play tricks on us. We enjoy looking at things from a new perspective, and they’re a perfect snack for our brains to chew on.

Bright Side found some things that made us do a double, even triple take, and we made a selection that we hope you’ll love.

1. “A sad old man in the creases of my cooler bag”

2. “This stick looks like a sword.”

3. Is this a dragon or a tree?

4. A flat building or just a strange angle?

5. This rock really deserves a thumbs-up.

6. An unbe-leaf-ably cute ghost!

7. This acorn pretends to be a little hedgehog — it’s just as cute as a real one.

8. “I reversed my car into a rock and the damage looks like a hand-painted mountain range.”

9. “My girlfriend’s scrubber is posing as my Bluetooth speaker.”

10. “Toucan-shaped driftwood”

11. This gourd pretends to be a swan.

12. “It’s 11 p.m. and the sky looks like it’s melting.”

13. Can you spot the dog on this rug?

14. “What I thought was ’dirt’ in my freezer door is actually a collection of adorable tiny letters.”

15. “My wife found this in the yard and picked it up thinking it was a rusty nail. It was just a stick that looks like a nail.”

16. This building that looks like it’s 2D

17. “Woke up scared stiff last night when I noticed a Victorian ghost floating at the end of my bed. Took me a few minutes to realize it was my clothes on the door.”

Have you ever seen a face in something ordinary? What is your favorite activity to keep your brain sharp?

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