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15 Times Life Showed Just How Unpredictable It Could Be

From spotting a turtle surfing on a slice of bread to finding a 10,000-year-old animal tooth in your backyard, life never runs out of ways to surprise you. It’s like a constant treasure hunt — you just never know what you’re going to come across next.

People are sharing their unusual discoveries on the Internet, and Bright Side has picked 15 of the best ones.

1. “I have partial heterochromia in both eyes.”

2. “The way the snow started to peel off this wall”

3. “This baby turtle floating around on a slice of bread”

4. “My friend found a Mastodon tooth and jaw bone in the backyard of my family estate.”

5. A tree that looks like it got trunk replacement surgery

6. “One of the eggs I poached this morning came out looking like a human heart.”

7. “All the snails in my garden have gathered onto a single tree.”

8. “The frozen water coming out of this drinking fountain looks like an ice mushroom.”

9. Look how colorful this emu egg is!

10. A cloud that looks badly edited in the sky

11. “Apparently, dog pee prevents moss growth.”

12. “A beaver took down this huge tree.”

13. Dew formed on a trampoline in little squares.

14. “The ice on this street lamp makes it look like the light is dripping out.”

15. “I have a birthmark in my eye.”

When was the last time life took you by surprise? Add to our list and share your stories below!

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