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15 Times Nature Decided to Play by Its Own Rules

From time to time, nature is willing to interfere with an everyday routine and set its own rules. It can be lightning that highlights a tornado or a stream that’s decided to go through the middle of a tree. Sometimes, it turns out to be weird, sometimes — fascinating, but each time, we’re in awe.

We at Bright Side created a list of pictures where nature is acting “out of character” and we want to share them with our readers.

1. “Lightning that highlights a tornado”

2. This stream is going right through a tree.

3. Natural domino effect: “A storm knocked over a tree whose roots lifted the car parked next to it.”

4. “Of all the books available, my dog Huckleberry destroyed Tom Sawyer.”

5. “Mom thought her chickens had stopped laying. They were actually hiding them.”

6. “I caught a glimpse of an iridescent cloud.”

7. Snails can also be albino.

8. “This tree, pretending like it wants to fall over”

9. “An abandoned car being reclaimed by nature”

10. “Not one, not 2, but 5 waterspouts caused by the La Niña weather pattern.”

11. The way this corn decided to pop

12. “Most of the cherries in this box are mutated in some way.”

13. “A cloud cast a shadow that split the sky perfectly.”

14. “This hemlock is barely hanging on to the shoreline because sandy soil makes it slide into the lake.”

15. “This Adidas that we found while hiking.”

Have you ever witnessed nature breaking routine rules? Maybe you have photos to prove it?

Preview photo credit Floker1 / Reddit, jurgo4509 / Reddit
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