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15+ Times Nature Proved to Be an Unpredictable Power

No matter how much we’ve already seen, nature always has some extraordinary gifts to wow even the most skeptical mind. Different unusual things are everywhere. And many of them are worthy of noting and further exploration.

We at Bright Side have gathered some peculiar examples of how the universe can break its own stereotypes and put some extra effort into creating something unique and fancy.

1. “I bought a prawn the size of a dinner plate.”

2. “My friend’s chicken sometimes lays green eggs.”

3. “I met someone with 2 thumbs and 4 fingers.”

4. “I am only able to cross one eye.”

5. “I have a very pronounced whorl on the back of my head.”

6. “One of my nails has a racing stripe.”

7. “Double-tailed house gecko”

8. “I’ve walked by this tree for years, but today I noticed a hanger embedded in it.”

9. “This spiral tree that grew with a vine wrapped around it.”

10. “A rose bud from our rose bush flowered inside a metal exhaust cover.”

11. “A whole bouquet of flowers out of the concrete sidewalk.”

12. “Found a leaf covered in water droplets.”

13. “This duck’s fresh trim.”

14. “Horse was swatting at flies and managed to build up an electrical charge in its tail.”

15. “These things are octopus eggs.”

16. A deep-sea dragonfish with transparent teeth.

If you could change some things in our universe, what would they be? What other fancy things would you create from scratch?

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