15 Times People Spotted the Most Unusual Things

Be it an action figure stuck inside a tree or a wasp nest on a light bulb, some people end up finding the strangest yet interesting things around them. We don’t know if it’s luck or being in the right place at the right time, but we’re sure intrigued by some of the things humans randomly stumble upon.

Bright Side has put together 15 of the coolest things people spotted and decided to share them with the world.

1. The cat made this statue look like Elvis.

2. “The blob of hand cream I squeezed out onto my hand looks like a kitten.”

3. A cell tower disguised as a tree in the middle of the desert

4. This Chinese e-commerce company is using its boxes as flyers for missing people.

5. “I went hiking and found a rock/log that resembled a giant moss puppy.”

6. “The queen apparently thought my light bulb was a suitable place for her new colony.”

7. “A piece of driftwood that looks just like a seagull”

8. This ice pattern that looks like a forest

9. “Found Batman embedded in a tree in my sister’s yard.”

10. “This nicely shaped triple-bubble I blew with bubblegum”

11. “Woke up this morning to find an interesting (natural) ice sculpture in the garden.”

12. “Thought this was some kind of fungus until I looked closer and realized it was thousands of ladybugs clustered on a fallen tree.”

13. “Found an incredible carrot hand while digging for carrots on our farm.”

14. “Was splitting firewood and found a piece resembling the sky in The Starry Night.”

15. “Someone made a giant iguana out of snow.”

Have you spotted something out of the ordinary lately? What was it?

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