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15+ Times When Ordinary Things Are No Longer That Ordinary

It seems like it’s nearly impossible to surprise a modern person. The internet makes a crazy amount of information easily accessible and we quickly get tired of this. But there’s still hope. The universe is in constant motion and it seems that it is specifically waiting for someone with a camera to capture something incredible.

We at Bright Side love new things, which is why we’re asking you to send us similar photos in the comment section below.

This shark outline in wood siding

“The tiny carrots I grew on my balcony are in love.”

How titanium changes color with different voltages

This window makes the backyard look like it’s in 4 different seasons.

This cat with big paws

Tornado damaged trees were peeled like bananas.

“My purple potatoes look like gemstones.”

This is what a cat’s front teeth look like.

“Throne carved from a blown down tree in an English forest”

“A deer took a bite out of this (edible) puffball mushroom in my yard!”

“The roots of this cactus say Hi!”

“My bag of chips came with an entire potato.”

“My cherry tomato has the recycle symbol stamped onto it (from the package it was in).”

“My freezer produces ice spheres rather than ice cubes.”

20-year-old silver-tipped matches

“My parents have custom-made puzzle wedding rings to be able to do this”

A spring that flows through a living tree

What things have amazed you recently? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Julesmh83 / reddit
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