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15+ Unbelievable Coincidences That Made Us Go “No Way!”

When the universe is orchestrating its big puzzle, the world around us may start to look really unusual. A bag of risotto that matches your kitchen countertop so well it gets “lost,” a bottle of tea that recreates your room decor, or a piece of rock that suddenly copies your manicure — these are just a few examples of how good life can be at bringing random objects together, and we are amazed.

We at Bright Side selected 16 photos where objects suddenly matched so perfectly, we started questioning our own vision — we’d be happy if you added your own pics of coincidences to our collection!

1. “The pattern on my daughter’s hand-me-down onesie perfectly matches the sheets in her crib.”

2. “The glitter on this cosmetic bag and nail polish match perfectly.”

3. “My dad’s matching Crocs and chair”

4. “The design on this soap dispenser matches the tile of the bathroom it’s in.”

5. “This woman’s dress matches the metro design.”

6. “My nails match my tumbler perfectly.”

7. “I realized that I bought the exact same buttons that my grandma bought over 35 years ago for me.”

8. “The number I took was the same from the advertisement.”

9. “I glanced down at my notes and saw that this hole just happened to be perfectly aligned.”

10. “Just realized my new water bottle matches my new book.”

11. “Dad gave me this agate that matches my nails perfectly.”

12. “Unintentionally, my mushroom risotto matches my countertop.”

13. “These cupcake papers match my sister.”

14. “My cardigan matches my grandma’s couch almost exactly.”

15. “My drink matches my wall and fake plant.”

16. “My smoothie this morning matched my sweater.”

Have you witnessed any cool real-life coincidences recently? Did you manage to take a picture of them?

Preview photo credit SnowMiser731/Reddit
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