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16 Bold Clothing Tags That Say More Than They’re Supposed To

Clothing tags are there to tell us how to clean our clothes in the proper way, but some of them go farther than that. They can teach you a couple of life lessons, raise your self-esteem, and even tell you something about personal hygiene. If you are one of those people who ignore tags on new items, try checking out your clothes, and you’ll probably find a gem attached to one of your shirts.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected some amusing and dramatic clothing tags for you, and we’d be glad if you added your funny tags to this collection!

1. It’s always great to have a choice.

2. This tag on a reusable diaper also suggests alternative ways of washing...

3. Who would ever think to slap a panda, we wonder?

4. Remember that you can always dance if you want to.

5. That sounds like a good plan!

6. Don’t be that guy.

7. As long as your pants fit, the rest doesn’t matter.

8. Some clothing tags are great motivational speakers.

9. Thanks for letting us know.

10. Do not bleach, tumble dry, do not iron decoration... Wait... What?!

11. This shirt tag has a recipe for French pastries on it.

12. “This tag didn’t even come from a hat!”

13. “Tags like this are why doing laundry scares me...”

14. A recipe for a perfect Christmas

15. And this tag apparently wants us to know its favorite food...

16. Thank you, shirt tag...

Have you ever found funny tags on your clothes or other items? Share the pics of your discoveries in the comments!

Preview photo credit unknown / Reddit