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16 People Who Know How to Create Illusions and Make Us Question Our Eyesight

Creating an illusion with photography doesn’t mean that you have to edit a photo in order for it to look like something else. The result can be achieved by simply taking advantage of the natural glare and positioning the camera at the right angle. This is how the people who took the pictures shown below created incredibly confusing visuals that will make you giggle.

1. “Headless sleeper”

2. The world from afar or maybe a snowy sidewalk?

3. “This capybara looks like it’s wearing clothes due to the reflection.”

4. “A male cruise attendant with very appealing legs”

5. “This car under a tarp”

6. “Missing body during a swim...or just a floating hand”

7. “A cat being a cat”

8. “The burns on my stove look like a girl.”

9. “Snake dog”

10. “Dog-sized leaf”

11. “Mr. Stone with and without his mustache”

12. “The reflection in the mirror on this hotel check-in desk”

13. “My wife looked out of our living room window and saw this — a TV screen reflection lined up perfectly with her car.”

14. “The reflection of the coffee shop’s counter display makes it look like this pickup truck sells pastries out of the box and canopy.”

15. “Trees with Christmas lights under the snow”

16. “The steam from this coffee looks like a triumphant ghost.”

Have you ever managed to take such a confusing picture without even realizing it created an illusion until someone else told you?

Preview photo credit SlicedUpChicken / Reddit
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