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16 Photos Prove That the Wonders Around Us Are Real

The human eye cannot capture once-in-a-blue-moon moments and store them in our memories permanently. That’s why the camera was invented in 1816, to help us preserve unique shots. Since then, the sky’s the limit when it comes to taking pictures and, sometimes, they’re quite the sight to behold.

Bright Side loves to scan through albums of awe-inducing and mind-boggling photos. Here are a few that we set aside for your viewing pleasure.

1. “Fun in the sun”

2. “What a giant dog.”

3. “A blessed hippo”

4. “This huge tree growing out the side of a bridge”

5. “Dragonfly looks like an actual dragon in the distance.”

6. “This athletic bull leaping over a stream”

7. “Seeing both ends of a rainbow from my deck this morning”

8. “I saw 3 of the exact same car, in the same color, in a row on the street.”

9. “I didn’t know they could put the windows in first.”

10. “A cat in a lion outfit angrily meowing at another cat”

11. “Minnesota clouds or stormy ocean?”

12. “Now it can eat twice the amount of grass.”

13. “Biker on a tightrope”

14. “The transition in water depth and temp is always more profound on rainy days with no waves.”

15. “Caught this weed growing perfectly on top of the sprinkler.”

16. “A pair of eagles interlocked. Been after this shot for years.”

Which of these did you enjoy seeing? Which of them played tricks on your eyes?

Preview photo credit rajmon503 / Reddit
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